About us

The building was built in 1938 by Earl Karow Sr. He was the town Barber in Cable. When their son Earl Jr. was only 7 years old, tradgically Mrs. Karow passed away. Young Earl needed to be closer to his father during working hours. 
The portion of the building that is the now Cirkl North was once the residental area that housed the Karow men and occasionally Grandmas, Aunties, and Cousins. The north end of the building that now has Ice Cream was once a garage.
Earl Jr (now Sr himself) took over his father's business and continued to run the Karow Barber Shop on the south side of the building. The Barber Shop was attended by a Karow for 79 years. Sadly, Earl passed away on August 1, 2017 ending era of a Karow Barbering in Cable. The building proudly displays the "Karow Bldg." sign honoring these industrious icons of Cable's history.

 To create Cirkl North we used reclaimed wood, recycled equiptment, and refurbished to as close to the original as we could, to preserve the history and memories of the Karow Building.

 Our products are made as local as possible here in Wisconsin or from folks like us that value more than the bottom line to insure quality and support small business.

We have also added the great sport of Stand Up Paddle Boarding to give people the opportunity to get out on one of our Beautiful lakes and take in the sights and sounds of this special place.

 An evening  in the Northwoods with those special people in your life, a good bottle of wine, fresh cheese, topped off with some sweet homemade candy, now that's making memories! And that's what we are all about.

In 2018 Camp David Real Estate opened their office in the Building. Keeping with the tradition of the committment to preserving the integrity of the building and offering Presidential Service. So, if you've fallen in love with the area, we can help you call it home!

So remember when daily life has you running in circles, it time to Cirkl North!!

Thank you for visiting,
Cyndi and Karl Kastrosky